The Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School
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Vision 2018

Expanding the education that stays for life.

The bgis modal of education is based on Indian Gurukula style of education adapted to contempoary societal needs. A world-class infrastructure will be developed for more than 600school students and 400 college students knowledge generation initiatives will be taken across disciplines such as science, mathematics, Classical Music, Performing art, Fine arts, Learning methodologies and sanskrit studies


Land & Location

In the Holy Land at the Perfect Location

Infrastructure Highlights

The perfection of best products, design & functionality


What makes us special


Strength that makes us special.

• Temple & Prayer hall
• Project Surabhi
• Project Vrindaranyam
• Project Prithvi
• Natural laboratories in Science life, Field Learning & group Activities


The team : We are ready

  • HH Gopal Krishna Maharaj

  • Raghav Pandit Das

  • Dr. Lila Purushottam Das

  • Vrindavan Vinod Das


Roadmap of the project

Year 2012-13

60 Acres of Land Acquired

Year 2013-14

Completion of master plan and start of contsruction


Construction & Cost

1st Phase construction

• Academic building • Hostel
• Guest house
• Botanical garden
• Library
• Cultural centre with Auditorium


Your Participation

Estimated Cost Of Project

Shri Jagannath Seva: 1 Crore ( Area 5000 sq-ft)

• Help in construction of temple-cum-auditorium hall of a capacity of 800 students and dedicate it to your dear ones.

Nimai Pandit Seva : 50 lac ( Area 2500 sq-ft)

• Sponsor the construction of air-conditioned central library and dedicate it to your dear ones.

Aryabhatta Seva : 20 lac ( Area 1100 sq-ft)

• Under this seva you will help to establish one of the six Science labs in the school.

Sandipani Muni Seva- 11 lac (Area 750 sq-ft)

• Under this seva you will help in construction of one of the 28 classrooms.

Vrindavan Vasi Seva- 8 lac (450 sq-ft)

• Under this seva you will help in construction of one of the 60 hostel rooms.